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Clean Water Project in Sohag, Egypt – Update

In an earlier post we mentioned that together with several other Rotary clubs in the Stockholm area and elsewhere we are participating in a Rotary International supported Global Grant Project in Sohag, Egypt. Here comes an update on the status of the project so far:-

The target village in the district of Sohag is El Saala.

Most of the over 6000 meters of pipeline has been laid and 50% of the target 182 houses in the village are now connected and have access to clean water.

The construction work is being carried out by the Water Authority of the Sohag District. They together with Unicef, Egypt are also taking care of the hygiene training of the villagers as well as the future maintenance of the installation.

The entire project is being supervised by Engineer Mr. Amin Sabri a member of The Rotary Club of Heliopolis Shorouk.

The project is receiving good press and social media coverage and is expected to be completed within the next few months.

Previous Service Projects

Tree planting project in Rumania

For those of you who are interested in following progress of the tree planting project in Rumania that RCSI and several other Rotary clubs in our District 2350 donated money to last Rotary Year you can take a look at the below.

For those of you who use Facebook you can also visit the link below to find out even more about the project. Use Facebook’s translate feature if you have a problem reading Rumanian. .

Rotary news

Rotary is harnessing Virtual Reality

Rotary is harnessing the immersive power of virtual reality to create a more connected, stronger world.

Virtual reality connects with people on a visceral, personal level in a way that words simply can’t. Rather than tell you how Rotary is changing lives, let us show you.

Get the Rotary VR app

By combining the power of Rotary’s virtual reality app with a VR viewer and smartphone, you can immerse yourself in some of Rotary’s most meaningful work. 

To experience virtual reality, download the Rotary VR App to your smartphone. For optimal viewing, use a VR viewer and noise canceling headphones to immerse yourself in any of Rotary’s VR films.

You can also view a 360° version of our VR films simply by watching them on your computer or smartphone.

For more information on what Rotary is doing with Virtual Reality please visit

Below is a 2D trailer version of one of the VR films available just now. It travels with Patience Asiimwe and her fellow Rotaractors to a remote region of Uganda to vaccinate children who otherwise would be missed against polio. See how far Patience will go to make sure every child in her country is protected from polio.

Awards & Recognitions

Supporting Integration in Sweden – through music

RCSI gives Ron Pavellas Award to DJ Maytan, founder of the George Graham Foundation.

The Rotary Cub of Stockholm International strongly supports efforts to integrate immigrants into Swedish society. Each year we provide the Ron Pavellas Award, with SEK 10,000, in honour of our Charter President, to an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to integration in Sweden. This year we award the prize to DJ Maytan who established the George Graham Foundation in Sigtuna, Sweden. The foundation supports integration through the universal language of music and song. It recognises everybody’s individual contribution and provides a place for people from all backgrounds to meet, learn from each other and create something beautiful together using their own skills and cultural backgrounds.

Find out more here.

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