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Educational support to 103 orphaned and abandoned children in Lamu, Kenya.

Please find below details of our fund raising event in October where all the money collected will go towards supporting the education of 103 orphaned and abandoned children in Lamu, Kenya. We hope you can join us.

More details on the project itself can be found in an earlier posting we made on this blog on 8th May, 2018.

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Current Service Projects

Educational support to 103 orphaned and abandoned children in Lamu, Kenya.

We are very pleased to announce our involvement in a project in Lamu, Kenya that will provide a full school year’s educational support for 103 disadvantaged, orphaned and abandoned children being cared for in a shelter run by Anidan.


Anidan is a NGDO that has been operating in Lamu since 2002. It rescues and thereafter provides care for children that are orphans, abandoned or in some other way disadvantaged, from the streets of Lamu.  50% of the children being cared for by Anidan are also provided with a shelter to live. Under Anidan’s care all rescued children are fed, dressed, kept safe, given medical care and educated.

Over the coming months we, Rotary Club of Stockholm International (RCSI), intend to raise €6000 that will go directly towards the purchase of stationery, text books, school bags and uniforms for 103 children (73 of primary and 31 of secondary school age) under Anidan’s care and who lack educational support grants from Anidan’s main sponsors.


We intend to raise the entire €6000 pledged through direct donations, raffles, auctions and fundraising events during the rest of 2018. The main fundraising event, which is being supported by the Kenyan Embassy and Hotel Hellsten here in Stockholm, will take place on October 5th at The Historical Museum.

If you feel you would like to support this project then please consider participating in our planned raffles, auctions and fundraising events coming up later on in 2018.

If you would simply like to DONATE money to this project then please Click Here

We will be providing full details of these on this website and on our RCSI Facebook Page over the coming months.


Thank you.

Awards & Recognitions

The 2018 RCSI Ron Pavellas Award for Community Service – Seeking nominations

RCSI is now seeking nominations for the 2018 RCSI Ron Pavellas Award for Community Service.

The Award

The Ron Pavellas Award for Community Service is a personal stipend of 10 000 SEK.

The award is named in honor of Ron Pavellas, the founder of Rotary Club of Stockholm International.


To be eligible for the award a candidate must be a person born in another country who has become a citizen of Sweden; or, a child of such a person, who must also be a citizen. There is no requirement for when either person became a citizen. The candidate must also be a resident within the Stockholm Metropolitan Area.


Deadline for nominations is May 15, 2018.

The full guidelines and nomination form can be found here Guidelines Ron Pavellas Award 2018 and here Nomination_form 2018.


Fund raising events

Rotary in Action: Welcome to RCSI’s Plogga cleanup event on Långholmen starting at 10:00 on 8th April.

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If you are in the Stockholm area on 8th April then why not consider joining us for a couple of hours to help clean up Långholmen island and then to enjoy a tasty BBQ together.

We’re holding this “Plogga” clean up event in support of this year’s Rotary theme of focusing on environmental sustainability.

Plogga is a movement created and followed by people with an urge to live in a clean world ( The word comes from the words picking up garbage and jogging mixed into one. Plocka (pick up) + jogga (jog) = Plogga. This is is exactly what Plogga is – picking up garbage while getting exercise in one form or another. Jog, walk, bike ride or even canoe if you like. All outdoor activities are allowed as long as you are able to pick up garbage as you get around.

We meet at Långholmsbadet on Långholmen at 10:00 where we’ll spend an hour plogging/cleaning up the island. Just after 11:00 we’ll then enjoy a barbecue back at Långholmsbadet. Please bring Swish or cash for the barbecue. Come as you are, in casual clothes or in trainers (if you want to jog). It may be a bit wet so we recommend robust shoes.

More details of the event can be found here

Here’s a map showing the location of our meeting point at Långholmsbadet:

This event should be a lot of fun, we’ll have the opportunity to meet new friends and importantly, we’ll be contributing directly to a better environment.