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Fighting Poverty

Togo is one of the poorest countries in the world. Launched in 2018 this project in rural Togo has so far supported 123 entrepreneurs to start their small-scale business that will help them to become self-sufficient and find their way out of poverty.

Besides providing these entrepreneurs with small startup loans, the program includes support and coaching, training, business acumen, and collaboration within small groups.

In this program Rotary is collaborating with ACTION10 who supports with coaching and methods, and with S.E.VIE who is the local partner running the program on the ground in Togo.

Rotary Clubs behind this project are our own club RC Stockholm International together with RC Stockholm Ladugårdslandet, RC Stockholm-Sergel, and Rotaract Djurgården.

Rotary in Action

COVID-19 in Italy: Rotary Responds

Rotary clubs across Italy coordinated to supply 28 hospitals with innovative technology to protect health workers and minimize transmission of COVID-19. More than 900 Italian clubs worked together to facilitate the urgent procurement and placement of over €1.3 million worth of equipment, as hospitals and health workers faced critical shortages in March and April 2020. Support was also provided by Rotary clubs in the U.S. and Japan.

Current Service Projects · Rotary in Action

Rotary in Action: A donation to Syria

Today our club made a donation to UNHCR in support of the children and families fleeing war and violence in Syria. Our donation will contribute to the efforts of UNHCR in providing shelter, food, clean water, education and other necessities to those who have been forced to leave their homes.

In recognition of our donation we received a thank you letter together with this picture which says more than a thousand words could.

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Anidan: A thank you letter

During the last two year our club has conducted two very successful International Service Projects for the Anidan orphanage in Lamu, Kenya full details of which can be found in earlier postings on this website. This week we received a lovely, heartfelt letter of gratitude from Anidan’s founder and current chairman Mr. Rafael Selas. By publishing the letter from Mr. Selas here we want to extend the thank you from him to those of you who have so generously donated money to these two projects. Thank You.

Previous Service Projects

Anidan Orphanage Lamu- Laundry Roof Rebuild

We are pleased to annouce the completion of yet another very successful service project at the Anidan Orphanage in Lamu, Kenya. The project was funded by the excess donations we received from the fund raising event for the first project we carried out for Anidan in 2018 that took place on 5th October that year.

This time the donations sent to Anidan went towards the rebuilding of the roof over the laundry area in the orphanages grounds using traditional roof building techniques and roofing material called Makuti.

Makuti consists of bunches of coconut plant leaves that have turned brown. To make folding easy the leaves are soaked in water and stiched over a stick framework using back stiching methods. When roofing, the makuti are first tied to the roofing structure from the bottom going upwards, to the topline of the roof using a sisal fiber. The makuti are laid down in a way that they overlap at a distance of 4 inches to avoid water dripping inside the house.

Here are some photos of the roof during construction.

And below is the finished result.

The roof is expected to remain in good shape for at least the next 7/8 years.

Once again The Rotary Club of Stockholm International and Anidan would like to thank all those who attended the fund-raising event last October and/or donated funds to our projects at the Anidan Orphanage.