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Anidan: A thank you letter

During the last two year our club has conducted two very successful International Service Projects for the Anidan orphanage in Lamu, Kenya full details of which can be found in earlier postings on this website. This week we received a lovely, heartfelt letter of gratitude from Anidan’s founder and current chairman Mr. Rafael Selas. By publishing the letter from Mr. Selas here we want to extend the thank you from him to those of you who have so generously donated money to these two projects. Thank You.

Previous Service Projects

Anidan Orphanage Lamu- Laundry Roof Rebuild

We are pleased to annouce the completion of yet another very successful service project at the Anidan Orphanage in Lamu, Kenya. The project was funded by the excess donations we received from the fund raising event for the first project we carried out for Anidan in 2018 that took place on 5th October that year.

This time the donations sent to Anidan went towards the rebuilding of the roof over the laundry area in the orphanages grounds using traditional roof building techniques and roofing material called Makuti.

Makuti consists of bunches of coconut plant leaves that have turned brown. To make folding easy the leaves are soaked in water and stiched over a stick framework using back stiching methods. When roofing, the makuti are first tied to the roofing structure from the bottom going upwards, to the topline of the roof using a sisal fiber. The makuti are laid down in a way that they overlap at a distance of 4 inches to avoid water dripping inside the house.

Here are some photos of the roof during construction.

And below is the finished result.

The roof is expected to remain in good shape for at least the next 7/8 years.

Once again The Rotary Club of Stockholm International and Anidan would like to thank all those who attended the fund-raising event last October and/or donated funds to our projects at the Anidan Orphanage.

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Club Presidents

Introducing Sarah Ouakim, our new club president for 2019-2020

Sarah is a serial tech entrepreneur and investor, focusing on finding, embracing and launching disruptive tech with positive social impact.

An authentic Global Citizen from the tender age of three, she has a passion for – as well as currently driving non-profit projects – empowering women and youth leaders as well as championing children. A Rotarian since 2006 and member of the RCSI since 2010, she has always considered RI a beacon of generosity, warmth and support for global citizens and business nomads like herself. 

A tech geek, multicultural nerd and fitness freak rolled into one!

As a global networker using the latest technology available, her academic background in Social Anthropology and International law, helps her follow her dream and mission of breaking stigmas and bridging the gap between generations, genders, cultures and societies around the world.

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