First meeting of the Rotary year 2017-2018

Meet people – do good – be happy! First meeting of the Rotary year 2017-2018 Welcome to participate in the first meeting of the Rotary Club of Stockholm International this new year 2017-2018! This meeting will have short presentations from our new President Dr. Ulf Eriksson as well as from our Club Officers about Rotary… Continue reading First meeting of the Rotary year 2017-2018

Rotary in Action

Rotary – We’re for Communities

Here’s a video produced by Rotary International In Great Britain & Ireland that gives a great introduction to the work Rotary clubs all over the world do to support not only their local communities but also communities in other countries that often need international help  to develop.

Rotary in Action

A beautiful beginning

SIRC Leadership Academy

Final session of this the second season of SIRC’s Leadership Academy