About us

The Stockholm International Rotary Club is a young, vibrant member of the Rotary International family. Started in May 2003, the club is located in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city, and is the only Rotary club in Stockholm that conducts meetings in English. The membership is international, culturally diverse and has representatives from several embassies as well as from the business, professional, vocational and artistic sectors.

Our club president from 1st July, 2016 is Ms. Git Guldare.

Git Guldare


Gits ”core purpose” in life is ”Peace inside and between people”. From that she works as a specialist in conflict management, collaboration solutions and communication development. Both as a human, professional and Rotary President she strives to be efficient, achieve great results and to contribute to ensuring people have a good time – for the moment or in their lives.

Some ofGit’s interests are spending time with her nieces and nephews, dancing, watching movies at cinemas, writing and studying to be better and better at her job.

SIRC adheres to the vision, mission and principles of Rotary International. Being the only English-speaking club in Stockholm we also welcome non-Swedish speaking Rotaract members from other countries and who are living in the Stockholm area to join our club or simply participate in our weekly meetings on a regular basis.

Club Origins

The idea to create a club to meet the needs of the international and English-speaking community in Stockholm was the brainchild of Carl Vernersson, Governor of Rotary District 2350 during 2000-2001. His idea was developed by Ronald Pavellas, a Rotarian of 12 years, who in 2002 relocated from San Jose, California to Stockholm. Then District Governor, Ingvar Mattsson, appointed Vernersson as the District’s special representative to oversee and support the formation of SIRC. Ron became the first president of the Club.


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