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Anidan: A thank you letter

During the last two year our club has conducted two very successful International Service Projects for the Anidan orphanage in Lamu, Kenya full details of which can be found in earlier postings on this website. This week we received a lovely, heartfelt letter of gratitude from Anidan’s founder and current chairman Mr. Rafael Selas. By publishing the letter from Mr. Selas here we want to extend the thank you from him to those of you who have so generously donated money to these two projects. Thank You.

Current Service Projects

Anidan Orphanage Lamu- Laundry Roof Rebuild

We are pleased to annouce the completion of yet another very successful service project at the Anidan Orphanage in Lamu, Kenya. The project was funded by the excess donations we received from the fund raising event for the first project we carried out for Anidan in 2018 that took place on 5th October that year.

This time the donations sent to Anidan went towards the rebuilding of the roof over the laundry area in the orphanages grounds using traditional roof building techniques and roofing material called Makuti.

Makuti consists of bunches of coconut plant leaves that have turned brown. To make folding easy the leaves are soaked in water and stiched over a stick framework using back stiching methods. When roofing, the makuti are first tied to the roofing structure from the bottom going upwards, to the topline of the roof using a sisal fiber. The makuti are laid down in a way that they overlap at a distance of 4 inches to avoid water dripping inside the house.

Here are some photos of the roof during construction.

And below is the finished result.

The roof is expected to remain in good shape for at least the next 7/8 years.

Once again The Rotary Club of Stockholm International and Anidan would like to thank all those who attended the fund-raising event last October and/or donated funds to our projects at the Anidan Orphanage.

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Nutrition for Life, Sri Lanka

The Rotary Club of Stockholm International RCSI is pleased to announce the success of their fund-raising evening for the Nutrition For Life NFL project hosted by Sri Lankas Childrens’ Friends. Our cooperative success means that now, many hungry Sri Lankan children will not have go to school with an empty stomach.

The project sponsors one year of hearty breakfasts for a group of school children who otherwise would start their school day on an empty stomach. The project is the brainchild of Noomi who wanted to give something back to her country of origin. With the help of Ramon Sanchez-Lovy and Sri Lankas Children’s Friends, the project was started for 50 children. With RCSI’s donation the project will be able to be expanded to include another school in the Suburbs of Columbo. More information is available (in Swedish) at the following link: 

Wedensday evening at the The Hotel Hellsten, at the RCSI’s meeting place, the 22nd of May 2019, we hosted a wine and cheese event. More than 50 members, friends and supporters showed up to mingle, network, eat, drink and enjoy contributing to this important project. The evening finished with an auction where we raised additional funds from donated auction items. We are happy to announce that we raised over 20,000 Swedish Crowns in support of the project, which was far above our goal of 15,000 SEK.

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Nepal girls education project – Update

Since 2013 RCSI has had the pleasure of supporting a wonderful education project in Kathmandu, Nepal run by a Swedish non-profit organisation called Nepal Education. Indirectly RCSI has covered the yearly cost of educating three girls, Subekchya, Sonisha and Pragati , for the last 6 years.


Pragati is a third year student at the Creative Academy. Her father left her and her mother when they lived at her father’s parent’s house. A short time later they were forced to move by Pragati’s grandmother. They found a room to live in without any electricity and an education at the Creative Academy would have been impossible. Now in 2019 it is going well for Pragati, her grades are at a 70% level and her mother even found part time work at her school.


Subekchya is a second year student at the Crative Academy. When Nepal Education began supporting Subekchya her father had just left her mother and her mother did not have a job. Her mother came to Creative Academy and begged for help. Subekchya had always told her mother, ”Creative Academy is where I want to study.

Subekchya was born prematurely and her health has been a real challenge as she was undernourished from birth. Nepal Education gave her fruit, juices and a sort of local healthy cake and after six months she grew stronger and her health improved. Also, she was born with two thumbs on one hand and was treated badly by her classmates. On the fourth of April this year, 2019, one of her thumbs was surgically removed with great success.Nepal Education paid for her operation including three nights at the hospital.

Subekchya has always had very good grades and regularly is ranked at the top of her class! She enjoys reading and drawing.


Sonisha has finished her final year in school and is now in her first year of a two year college program. Nepal Education began sponsoring her in the 6th grade at the Creative Academy when she and her mother were going through a family crisis when her father died and her uncle was obliged to care for and provide for them both. Sonisha has been an average, but persistant student and now, even in college she is holding her own.

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Starting small businesses in rural Togo – We’re almost ready to go.

Togo in West Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world. Here the true pillar of the family, the women, are particularly affected by the difficulties of life: work in the fields, chores of collecting water, education of children. They have business ideas and dreams, but not enough knowledge of how to start and run a small-scale business. They also lack access to traditional bank loans as they do not have sufficient assets to be solvent.

The Rotary Club of Stockholm International, together with some other Rotary Clubs in Stockholm, executed a fundraising project in 2017-2018 to raise money to support a local program run by collaborating NGO’s S.E.VIE and Action10. Rotary’s contribution has been SEK=66.000 and Action10’s SEK=43.000 which is roughly 2/3 of the final goal to build a fund of 10 Million FCFA (West African Franc). This sum will make the program available for 200 women entrepreneurs simultaneously and secure the sustainability of the program.

After dividing the women into smaller groups, the program offers them training and education in basic business planning, negotiating, pricing and accounting. Their businesses can be anything from producing and selling food, drinks and clothing to cutting people’s hair. Small loans (“Action Credits”) are available with a weekly repayment schedule that is spread over six months. These “Action Credits” will help the women to set up and see their businesses through the startup period. The loans are individual, but the repayment responsibility lies with the small group the women belong to. If, for any reason, a woman cannot repay her weekly amount – the other women in her group will do it on her behalf. This creates a strong commitment & accountability and secures the repayment of the credits.

When the program is fully running, with 200 women in the program, the interest (10%) charged for the loans will cover the salaries for the S.E.VIE staff facilitating the program. The yearly plan for the program includes a financial coach and the hiring of an independent program auditor.

The status now (February 2019) is that S.E.VIE and Action10 are finalizing the plans to launch this program. We intend to provide updates on the project and program on this blog as it proceeds.