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Clean Water Project in Sohag, Egypt – Update

In an earlier post we mentioned that together with several other Rotary clubs in the Stockholm area and elsewhere we are participating in a Rotary International supported Global Grant Project in Sohag, Egypt. Here comes an update on the status of the project so far:-

The target village in the district of Sohag is El Saala.

Most of the over 6000 meters of pipeline has been laid and 50% of the target 182 houses in the village are now connected and have access to clean water.

The construction work is being carried out by the Water Authority of the Sohag District. They together with Unicef, Egypt are also taking care of the hygiene training of the villagers as well as the future maintenance of the installation.

The entire project is being supervised by Engineer Mr. Amin Sabri a member of The Rotary Club of Heliopolis Shorouk.

The project is receiving good press and social media coverage and is expected to be completed within the next few months.

Current Service Projects

Tree planting project in Rumania

For those of you who are interested in following progress of the tree planting project in Rumania that RCSI and several other Rotary clubs in our District 2350 donated money to last Rotary Year you can take a look at the below.

For those of you who use Facebook you can also visit the link below to find out even more about the project. Use Facebook’s translate feature if you have a problem reading Rumanian. .

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Anidan Project Fundraiser – A resounding success!

Thanks to all who attended our fundraiser event for Anidan that was held on Friday 5th October. We are so pleased to announce that not only did we reach our target goal of Euro 6000 but we exceeded it by a further Euro 3000+; this additional amount will now go towards providing additional support to the students at Anidan in 2019.

So on behalf of RCSI we would like to thank all of you who attended our fundraiser and for your generosity and help in making the event such a fun and resounding success. 103 primary and secondary school students at Anidan Shelter in Lamu, Kenya will now benefit from your kindness.


We want to specifically express our gratitude to our wonderful sponsors – Dr Joe Sang H.E. Ambassador of Kenya, The Embassy of Kenya, Hotel Hellsten, Kenya Airways, KLM, Gourmet Foods, Treasury Wine Estates, Dakula Band, Grand Hotel, Entumoto Private Safari Camp, ICA, Historiska Museet and Lebanon Meza Lounge,

Finally we want to thank everyone who has been involved in the planning for the event and the volunteers who helped out on the evening of the event itself.

We have already shared the good news with Anidan Shelter and they have asked us to pass on their sincere gratitude to our sponsors and to all the wonderful guests and friends for their generous support of the students.

Click on the Facebook icon in the top right hand corner of the image below to view some of the photos taken during the event.

Posted by Rotary Club of Stockholm International on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Current Service Projects · Fund raising events

Educational support to 103 orphaned and abandoned children in Lamu, Kenya.

Please find below details of our fund raising event in October where all the money collected will go towards supporting the education of 103 orphaned and abandoned children in Lamu, Kenya. We hope you can join us.

More details on the project itself can be found in an earlier posting we made on this blog on 8th May, 2018.

Anidan Flyer - Nick V6

Current Service Projects

Educational support to 103 orphaned and abandoned children in Lamu, Kenya.

We are very pleased to announce our involvement in a project in Lamu, Kenya that will provide a full school year’s educational support for 103 disadvantaged, orphaned and abandoned children being cared for in a shelter run by Anidan.


Anidan is a NGDO that has been operating in Lamu since 2002. It rescues and thereafter provides care for children that are orphans, abandoned or in some other way disadvantaged, from the streets of Lamu.  50% of the children being cared for by Anidan are also provided with a shelter to live. Under Anidan’s care all rescued children are fed, dressed, kept safe, given medical care and educated.

Over the coming months we, Rotary Club of Stockholm International (RCSI), intend to raise €6000 that will go directly towards the purchase of stationery, text books, school bags and uniforms for 103 children (73 of primary and 31 of secondary school age) under Anidan’s care and who lack educational support grants from Anidan’s main sponsors.


We intend to raise the entire €6000 pledged through direct donations, raffles, auctions and fundraising events during the rest of 2018. The main fundraising event, which is being supported by the Kenyan Embassy and Hotel Hellsten here in Stockholm, will take place on October 5th at The Historical Museum.

If you feel you would like to support this project then please consider participating in our planned raffles, auctions and fundraising events coming up later on in 2018.

If you would simply like to DONATE money to this project then please Click Here

We will be providing full details of these on this website and on our RCSI Facebook Page over the coming months.


Thank you.