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Clean Water Project in Sohag, Egypt

Together with several other Rotary clubs in the Stockholm area and elsewhere we are pleased to announce our involvement in a Rotary Foundation supported Global Grant Project in Sohag, Egypt.

Sohag - Egypten

Sohag is a district in southern Egypt where child mortality rates are high and where many villages in the district do not have direct access to drinking water . Women and children especially have to walk long distances to collect what is often contaminated water in buckets.

The goal of the project is to install pipelines to bring drinking water into the villages and to connect the houses to these pipelines. In this specific project, a pipeline is being built with a length of 6 635 metres. From this pipeline 182 houses will be connected thus supplying 1820 persons with clean drinking water.

Together with the other Rotary clubs in Stockholm that make up the International Project Group* (IPG) we aim to raise 2500 USD towards this project with our Rotary District then coming in to match this amount with an additional 2500 USD.

The main fund raising event for the project will take place in April, 2018. Please read here for details of the event and how you can participate.

* The IPG is made up of Stockholm-Sergel Rk, Stockholm-Ladugårdslandet Rk, Stockholm International Rc, Stockholm-Djurgården Rk and Rotaract Djurgården.

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End Polio Now – Why zero matters.

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Children’s development project in Thailand – Bangkorlaem District of Bangkok

Several years ago our club joined forces with The Rotary Club of Bankorlaem in Thailand in a project to help develop the poor children in Bangkorlaem Community focusing on their basic standard of living in health, learning and living conditions. 

This project has proved to make a difference to the lives of many children in The Bangkorlaem District of Bangkok and has been sustained over many years thanks to the continued involvement of Rotary clubs from all over the world. Our club has therefore recently taken the decision to participate in the project again in 2017-2018.

This project aims to provide materials and equipment needed to arrange the training program for children in 8 schools in the Bangkorlaem District. The program will include:-

  1. A Futsal Tournament,
  2. Leadership Training,
  3. Drugs Awareness sessions
  4. A Speech Contest and
  5. A Children’s Day event.

This project will benefit over 5,000 children living in 29 Bangkorlaem communities. The schools involved are:-

  1. Wat Ratchasingkorn School
  2. Wat Phai Ngern School
  3. Wat Sai School
  4. Wat Chan Nai School
  5. Wat Lad Bua Kao School
  6. Wat Chan Nok School
  7. Wat Bangklo Nok School
  8. Raksa Rachawit School.

Bangkorlaem is a poor area of Bangkok where drug abuse and other associated community problems are prevalent. This project will instruct children on the dangers associated with drug taking, move their interests towards sports; Futsal and train them in Leadership and Presenting/Speaking to an audience. Finally, and to mark the end of the project program, a Children’s day event will be held.

Below are some photos taken from previous years projects.






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Fundraising Event for Togo


Current Service Projects

Nepal Girls Education & Literacy Project

Since 2013 our club has been  pleased to be contributing to a wonderful education project in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have teamed up with Pi-Charlotte Strindberg’s and Svante Strindberg’s Nepal Education Project to sponsor three girls through the next three years of their schooling. Their names are Subekchya, Sonisha and Pragati.

Through our sponsoring of their school tuition they now have the chance to drastically improve their future way beyond what their backgrounds and cultural traditions would normally allow.

Nepal students

Recently  two of the original three girls sponsored by Nepal Education have finally graduated from both their schools as well as their own cycles of poverty. One is on her  way to becoming a doctor and the other now works in a bank. Through our sponsorship we actively intend to affect three more happy endings in a few years time.

We will be providing  updates on the progress being made by Subekchya, Sonisha and Pragati over these three years of sponsorship as we receive it. Until then you are welcome to find out more about Nepal Education and all of the girls currently being supported by them and our club HERE.