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Educational support to 103 orphaned and abandoned children in Lamu, Kenya.

We are very pleased to announce our involvement in a project in Lamu, Kenya that will provide a full school year’s educational support for 103 disadvantaged, orphaned and abandoned children being cared for in a shelter run by Anidan.


Anidan is a NGDO that has been operating in Lamu since 2002. It rescues and thereafter provides care for children that are orphans, abandoned or in some other way disadvantaged, from the streets of Lamu.  50% of the children being cared for by Anidan are also provided with a shelter to live. Under Anidan’s care all rescued children are fed, dressed, kept safe, given medical care and educated.

Over the coming months we, Rotary Club of Stockholm International (RCSI), intend to raise €6000 that will go directly towards the purchase of stationery, text books, school bags and uniforms for 103 children (73 of primary and 31 of secondary school age) under Anidan’s care and who lack educational support grants from Anidan’s main sponsors.


We intend to raise the entire €6000 pledged through direct donations, raffles, auctions and fundraising events during the rest of 2018. The main fundraising event, which is being supported by the Kenyan Embassy and Hotel Hellsten here in Stockholm, will take place on October 5th at The Historical Museum.

If you feel you would like to support this project then please consider participating in our planned raffles, auctions and fundraising events coming up later on in 2018.

If you would simply like to DONATE money to this project then please Click Here

We will be providing full details of these on this website and on our RCSI Facebook Page over the coming months.


Thank you.

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Previous Service Projects

Water Purification and Management system project at an orphanage in Myanmar–Project succesfully completed

In 2014 & 2015 our club worked with two other Rotary clubs in Stockholm on one of the first international projects in Myanmar involving Swedish Rotary clubs . Below you will find details of the project which is now completed.

The chosen site


The site chosen was the Care for the Least Orphanage, located in Hna Khan Mway Theik Village, Hlegu Phaunggyi Road, Hlegu city.  It is a readily accessible ninety-minute drive from downtown Yangon.


 Founded in 2010, CFTL is situated on 45 acres of owned land, which includes a productive 40-acre rice paddy field and a five acre garden. The orphanage is owned by the Myanmar Baptist Federation, and the Founder-Director is ordained Pastor Saw Roger. He has three full-time resident staff, and sixty children and teenagers under his protection. Seven of the children were orphaned by the devastating Nargis Cyclone of May, 2008, which claimed 138,000 human lives in Myanmar alone. 


Water was provided by a “validated” producing tube well, at a depth of about 120 feet, producing treatable water.  The orphanage is somewhat remote and did not have electricity.


The purpose of the project


To provide the orphanage with clean water all year round by implementing a water purification and management system at a cost of 9,000 USD.

The Project Team

As it is only relatively recently the first Rotary Club in Myanmar has been established it was necessary to find a partner who had experience on working in that country with these kinds of water projects. Thanks to Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, a Swedish Rotarian who was the Rotary world president in 2005-2006, we were brought into contact with  a Rotarian. J. T. Warring, a member of the LA5 Rotary club in Los Angeles. J.T. Warring is a driving force when it comes to implementing water projects in Myanmar. He spends about half the year in Los Angeles and half the year in Myanmar. By June, 2015 he and his LA5 club had completed 42 such projects in Myanmar.

The Swedish side of the project team was led by Ann o. Andersson, Stockholm-Sergel RC with support from Christina Tillfors from Stockholm-Ladugårdslandet RC and Art Kosol from Stockholm-International RC.

Project Funding

All of the funds needed for the project were raised via the very successful “Vandring runt Djurgården” event that took place in April 2015.

Project Execution

After a period of very heavy monsoon rain, the strongest storms in Myanmar for over 100 years, the construction of a water treatment plant, taking and filtering ground water from 120 feet deep, completed in November 2015 when the facility was inaugurated.

The End Result

Now the staff and the children of the orphanage have all year access to clean and safe water for drinking, cooking, staying clean and washing their clothes in. They also have enough excess clean water to water their crops and potentially sell to others in the village. Finally, as part of the installation required an electrical generator to be provided for the water filtration system installed they have access to electricity for the first time!


The photo above shows the newly constructed water tower that was part of the installation.

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This slideshow speaks for itself really. An installation and some very happy children who can enjoy the luxury of fresh, clean water on tap every day.