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Rotary in Action: RCSI’s annual “Plogga” cleanup event.

The annual RCSI “Plogga” clean up event took place today the 28th April on the beautiful island of Långholmen in the heart of Stockholm. An enthusiatic group of club members and friends of RCSI walked and ran around the island for a whole hour picking up every piece of plastic and other kinds of rubbish they could find. 

A small buffet of soft drinks and cakes was offered to the participants with the proceeds going to the same tree planting project in Rumania RCSI supported in 2018.

Plogga is a movement created and followed by people with an urge to live in a clean world ( The word comes from the words picking up garbage and jogging mixed into one. Plocka (pick up) + jogga (jog) = Plogga. This is is exactly what Plogga is – picking up garbage while getting exercise in one form or another. Jog, walk, bike ride or even canoe if you like. All outdoor activities are allowed as long as you are able to pick up garbage as you get around.