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Children’s development project in Thailand – Bangkorlaem District of Bangkok

Several years ago our club joined forces with The Rotary Club of Bankorlaem in Thailand in a project to help develop the poor children in Bangkorlaem Community focusing on their basic standard of living in health, learning and living conditions. 

This project has proved to make a difference to the lives of many children in The Bangkorlaem District of Bangkok and has been sustained over many years thanks to the continued involvement of Rotary clubs from all over the world. Our club has therefore recently taken the decision to participate in the project again in 2017-2018.

This project aims to provide materials and equipment needed to arrange the training program for children in 8 schools in the Bangkorlaem District. The program will include:-

  1. A Futsal Tournament,
  2. Leadership Training,
  3. Drugs Awareness sessions
  4. A Speech Contest and
  5. A Children’s Day event.

This project will benefit over 5,000 children living in 29 Bangkorlaem communities. The schools involved are:-

  1. Wat Ratchasingkorn School
  2. Wat Phai Ngern School
  3. Wat Sai School
  4. Wat Chan Nai School
  5. Wat Lad Bua Kao School
  6. Wat Chan Nok School
  7. Wat Bangklo Nok School
  8. Raksa Rachawit School.

Bangkorlaem is a poor area of Bangkok where drug abuse and other associated community problems are prevalent. This project will instruct children on the dangers associated with drug taking, move their interests towards sports; Futsal and train them in Leadership and Presenting/Speaking to an audience. Finally, and to mark the end of the project program, a Children’s day event will be held.

Below are some photos taken from previous years projects.