Announcement: Leadership Academy 2014-2015



Rotary is a global organization connecting leaders and professionals from all continents, cultures and occupations. It is the only organization that successfully combines community and international services, with friendship and vocational service. Our motto is “Service above self”.

As a part of this work, we now announce the launch of the Leadership Academy where Rotarians, Rotaractors, AIESEC members and other interested persons are welcome to attend a six evening program. It will be a great value participating in the academy together with multiple generations – Millennials, GenX and Babyboomers, and professionals from a vast range of industries.


Highly skilled professionals, both Rotarians and invited guest speakers, will facilitate the seminars that will run from 18:30 through 21:00. The venue will be KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan), Stockholm.

The seminar format will be: 1 hour presentation, 1 hour break-out groups’ discussion and sharing of experience, 30 minutes summary in plenum and closing.

For those attending all six sessions, there will be a course diploma.


Rotarians, Rotaractors and AIESEC members pay the regular fee SEK 50 for each meeting. Other participants will pay a fee of SEK 400 for each meeting or SEK 2.400 for the set of 6 sessions. The full amount collected will be forwarded to TRF the Rotary Foundation – one of the world’s largest funds for supporting international projects like clean water, health care for vulnerable mothers and children, eradication of Polio, etc.

For registration, please send an email to:


Oct 16, 2014


Anders Kinding, Senior Consultant Leadership Training , the Positively Group.

Organizations and companies have never before been so linked with cultures and markets globally. Never before has there been so well educated staff, often with double or even triple educations from universities. The access to information has never been easier and faster, and the speed of transformation has never been higher. What does this mean for successful leadership? We will look at some of the recent trends and studies in this field – from Jim Collins, David Rock (NeuroLeadership Institute), Simon Synek and David Burnham (Harvard, Boston).


Nov 6, 2014


Kurt Larsson, Founder and Consultant, Expanding Understanding.

Learn and test simple, effective tools and skills to become more aware of and powerfully use the most important communication and leadership tool you have, your body.


Dec 11, 2014


Kai Wiklund, Partner and senior adviser, Provins fem.

In my previous position as Business Director with IFL Executive Education, my interaction with researchers at the Stockholm School of Economic revealed some clear signals about the future conditions for companies:

• “CSR-issues are important, not as hygiene factors, but as success factors.”

• “Good ethics equals good economy. We have figures about that.”

• ” You have to be able to pronounce the purpose with the business and be able to answer the question why the business exists.”

• “The increasing complexity in business requires a leadership that can keep it at height.”

Conditions like these set the focus on the ability among leaders to create legitimacy and meaning. A model will be presented from which you can reflect upon your own ability and your own context. We will also investigate how you can perceive the time factor and how it influences your leadership.


Jan 22, 2015


Victoria Karlsson, Manager/Reg.Psycholgist, Top Tier Executive Development.

In today’s global competitive environment all organisations need to be agile and perform with top speed and efficiency. In order to succeed one needs to start by ensuring a stable top team as well as a strong CEO to lead the organisation forward. In this workshop we will share a model for Top team efficiency evaluation and development, based on the research by David Hackman (Harvard University). Some of the key areas that we will discuss include: how to create a common understanding and commitment to strategy, goal setting across functions in order to foster collaboration, how to create a clear structure for decision making and how to deal with the group process and get your leaders collaborate with high energy and commitment.


Feb 19, 2015


Git Guldare, Founder and Consultant, Git Guldare AB.

Understand how to reach genuine dialogue in situations such as problem solving, decision making and dealing with conflicts. The fundamental importance of dialogue puts emphasis on creating meaning and understanding. Dialogue is thus focused on what you together with others explore and reflect on facts, arguments and options. Learn the four stages we have to go through to reach developmental dialogue, and the four success factors, specific abilities, to successfully collaborate with others through dialogue.


Mar 19, 2015


Anna Stenberg, Founder and Executive Recruiter, WES Women Executive Search.

The hunt for the best competence is fierce in order to outperform competition and build the best high-performing teams on the market. There is a strong and obvious link between competence and profitability, and that the war to attract the best talents and leaders is getting more intense every day. The battle takes place in a world where a dominating part of the competence pool consists of female talents and leaders, who have not been on the radar screen of headhunters and corporate management structures – until now

How do you attract these leaders and how do they want to be led? One fact accelerating the development is that diverse management teams are more profitable and successful, but what are the drivers to achieve diversity with a competence based approach? Are you ready for this change and what can you do about it?