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Reducing maternal and young children mortality rates in Mali

About 3 years ago Stockholm International RC partnered with Stockholm-Sergel RC and Stockholm-Ladugårdslandet RC on some international service projects.

In January 2012, we took the decision to support a project idea in Mali in the area of child and maternal health aimed at reducing child and maternal mortality (among the highest in the world) through various efforts at a health centre in Sebenicoro, 10 miles west of Bamako. For this project we have partnered with Bamako Ouest RC in Mali.


On March 22, 2012, there was a coup d ‘ état in Mali, the desert rebels known as the Tuaregerna rebelled, the President was overthrown and the rebels occupied the North of Mali.

Since no one could have predicted the revolution, we continued with our plans to start a project and submitted a project proposal for funding of a pre-study in Mali to Forum Syd.

The pre-study application was approved in December 2012 and after long and many discussions it was decided to visit Mali to carry out the pre-study between 24 March and 2 April, 2014. The team that went out there were: Monica Essén, gynecologist, Herman Essén, a member of Stockholm-Ladugårdslandet RC and Eva Wenström, Stockholm-Sergel RC, the project leader.

For more information on the project and its’ current status please click HERE