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Stockholm International RC joint project with Bankorlaem RC in Thailand (Final Update Sept. 2012)

Stockholm International Rotary Club joined forces with The Rotary Club of Bankorlaem in Thailand in a project to help develop the poor children in Bangkorlaem Community focusing on their basic standard of living in health, learning and living conditions.

The project’s aim was to provide materials and equipment needed to arrange a training program for children in 8 schools in the Bangkorlaem District including Futsal Tournament, Students Training, and Children’s Day Project.  The project benefitted over 5,000 children in 8 public schools in the Bangkorlaem District. The children attending these schools came from the poor families of 29 Bangkorlaem communities at risk of drug misuse and other community problems. This project instructed children to be aware the dangers of drugs, promote their interest & train them in various sports and host a Children Events day.

For photos taken when we made a site visit in 2012 please refer to SIRC’s Facebook Page timeline for May 2012.

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The project was run as a Matching Grant project and had received approval as such from The Rotary Foundation. It was successfully executed in 2012 and properly signed off with The Rotary Foundation.

Information on the project can be found here Download PDF