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SIRC member support for Connect3e’s village in Thailand continues!

Although the Connect3e kitchen project that SIRC funded earlier this year was successfully completed some months ago it hasn’t meant that we’ve forgotten about the village and the Karen children who live there; the village is still largely dependent on continuing support Connect3e and donations from others.


Several SIRC club members who’ve been involved with the kitchen project and who’ve personally visited the village on the border between Burma and Thailand over the last 2 years have taken personal initiatives to do even more to help the children who live there recently.

Member Boel Eklund especially has put on her own fund raising event and made a personal contribution in support of the village and Sarah Ouakim has made a personal contribution too. On top of that Art Kosol, Ann Lundgren and Caroline Nyithambe joined Boel recently in a trip out to the village to deliver some of the items and equipment bought with the funds raised and contributed with Art Kosol providing the transport to get them back and forth.

Connect3 with Rotarians

So even if our club run formal service projects to help good causes around the world it doesn’t mean that members should feel inhibited from taking personal initiatives to help out as these members have done with a cause that touched their hearts.




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