Indian Ambassador to Sweden gives talk on India in the 21st Century

Last Thursday at the Stockholm International Rotary Club we were honoured by a visit of the ambassador of India to Sweden H.E. Mr. Ashok Sajjanhar.


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He spoke of the present India and the future of India. In Asia we have two giants, dragons if you like. But if you look to the future and the growth of the two countries the population of India has the greater advantage of having a much larger percentage of young people. Also India being a democratic country makes presumptive investors feel more secure about their commitments.

Mr. Ashok Sajjanhar is at present ambassador not only to Sweden but also to Latvia. He has Honours and Masters Degrees in Physics from Delhi University. He commenced his service career as a Staff officer in one of India´s largest Sector Banks – Banks of India. He has held various significant positions in Indian Embassies in Moscow, Teheran, Geneva, Dhaka, Bangkok, Washington, Brussels and Astana. So no wonder he could give us a most interesting and inspiring speech about India and its future in the world economy.

We also understood by the questions coming from of an engaged assembly that India is becoming more and more westernized. But isn´t it so that the Western world is becoming more and more Indianized? Indian music, food, gurus and so forth are being embraced by and incorporated into the Western World more and more. So we have to look forward to more and more influences from India during the 21st century.