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Baan Padang Children’s Home, Thailand

Project Update (April 2011)

Good progress has been made on the kitchen project since SIRC decided to fund the cause a few months ago. The building works are finished and most of the appliances have been installed. Two wells have been dug and water suitable for cooking and cleaning has been found. The water is not suitable for drinking so the home will be looking to buy and install a purification system.

Below are some photos taken of the old kitchen just before the project got underway.

A few weeks ago our club President, Art Kosol, and our Sergeant-at-arms, Boel Eklund, visited the home for the first time and to check on the progress made so far. As can be seen from the photos below the new kitchen is well on the way to being completed and commissioned.


Connect3e support a children’s home in the village of Baan Padang some 65 kms from Hua-Hin in Thailand. Recently the home has seen an increase in the number of children moving in and living there. As a consequence Connect3e needs to embark on a number of projects aimed at expanding and renovating parts of the home to allow them to cater for this increase in the number of children living there.

More information on Connect3e and the villages they support can be found at:-!/pages/Connect3e/125557294153205?v=info

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This project involves the renovation of a kitchen at a village’s children’s home where 54 children and 6 staff are housed and supported by the Connect3e organisation. The original kitchen was built for 24 children and 2 staff so the current facilities and appliances etc are unhealthy and inadequate for the needs of the village; there is a need for major renovation.

Connect3e has one full time cook, on part time cook, volunteer students, prep cooks and a home director who will oversee the new kitchen and attend to its regular maintenance and cleaning. Additionally the new facilities will be used to host events and include the surrounding village in special days and festivities.

Connect3e have been out to local businesses to get a preliminary design drawn up for the new kitchen. This design has then used as basis for getting quotes for the labour and material they require to complete the project.

More information on the Connect3e organisation can be found on:-

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Connect3e Website – Swedish

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