Fund raising events

Stockholm International RC : Auction in aid of the Polioplus project

Stockholm International Rotary Club is currently auctioning a number of valuable items in order to raise money for the Polioplus project run by Rotary International. The Video below tells you more about the Polioplus project.

To simplify matters we are making use of the auction services available on the Tradera website. Tradera is fully owned subsidiary of Ebay.

Below you will find details of each of the items on offer together with links to the Tradera website page for each(Click on the title of each item below to be taken to the particular Tradera webpage).

Please consider bidding for one of more of these items by the time the auction closes on     9th June 2010     and in so doing knowing that 100% of your bid will go to the Polioplus cause.

Stockholm International Rotary Club would like to thank all those people donating the above items to the auction for this very worthy cause.