District Governor, Ingemar Friede, pays SIRC a visit


Recently we had the pleasure of a visit from our District Governor, Ingemar Friede,and his assistant Governor Monia Sturen. 


Ingemar met with SIRC’s board at the beginning of the evening before introducing himself to club members at their regular meeting. Ingemar took the opportunity to present and share some of the issues, priorities and challenges facing clubs in our District and made a particular mention of the fact that he has established a bottom up 3-year strategic plan for the District that he and his already nominated successors for the next 2 Rotary years intend to implement and drive through. At the end of his talk Ingemar opened the floor up for what turned out to be a lively debate where SIRC club members took the opportunity to raise a number of topics and issues important to them that they wanted to bring to DG’s attention.  

Another highlight of the evening was the presentation by the District Governor to SIRC of a banner and certificate that recognised SIRC as having made the highest per capita contributions of all clubs in District 2350 to the Rotary Foundation in Rotary year 2008-2009. This is the second year in a row that our club has been No. 1 in the District and members should be rightly proud of this achievement. Let’s see if we do it again this year!