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Feedback from St. Petersburg


We recently received a Thank You email from the Social Centre in St. Petersburg that we ran a fund raising event for in December 2007 to help pay for a Xmas party for the children attending the Centre. (See blog entry SIRC 2007 Xmas Dinner & Fundraiser ).

A copy of the message we received can be found below. Pictures from the Xmas Party can be found in our online Photo Album on this website.


Hurray!! December 25 we had a Christmas party in Ostrov!

Christmas is a favorite holiday for every child. All children dream of miracle on Christmas. One dreams of a new toy, another- of a new pair of boots… Many children from “Ostrov” dream to have a home and a mother who will always understand, help, and will never abuse alcohol…

Homeless children and children from the project “Family Support” were invited to the party. They were ready to play, have fun and… have something special to eat! First the children had some substantial food (meat and potatoes), and after that they were treated to sweets, ice-cream, tangerines, Fanta and Pepsi-Cola.

Many of the children did not know why people celebrate Christmas, why they do it differently in every country, and why in Europe they have Santa Clause, and in Russia – Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka (snow girl). We told the story of Christmas to children, and explained that good deeds make Christmas days so special.

After that it was time to have fun! Grandfather Frost (social worker Timofey), Snegurochka (psychologist Marina), and Little Mouse (psychologist Diana) played with children. The program included funny relays, dances, songs and puzzles.

The children especially liked one game, when the two teams had to draw a Mouse. They also enjoyed relay races and a game where they were supposed to say good words to each other. The teams got points for every game. The team of the smallest children (called “My Favorite Grandfather Frost”) won. At the end of the party all children got prizes and Christmas gifts.

After the party the children with the teachers were invited by the Administration to see a concert in the House of Youth, were children from local schools performed. It was very interesting and a lot of fun.

The party was great! The children thank those who made it happen!!



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