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Multi-club project in The Ukraine


Stockholm International participates in an international multi-club project together with 9+ other clubs.

The Project

The project was initiated by RK Moscow International (RKMI) at the multi-club workshop in Stockholm in September 2007. 9+ clubs have registered an interest in participating. The project intends to expand and improve a rehabilitation centre for disadvantaged and homeless children in Lubny near Poltava in Ukraine. Moscow International intends to apply for grants from The Rotary Foundation, so-called Matching Grant projects.

In 2005 RC Lubny started a project together with a local aid organisation to set up a centre for homeless children in Lubny. The centre opened in 2005 in a former nursery school. The current project focuses on an expansion and improvement designed to give the Centre:

  1. An "emergency centre" for mothers and children
  2. A washroom
  3. Day surgery facilities
  4. Technical equipment for teaching
  5. A new boiler
  6. A waste water treatment


Financial support for the project is sought by RC Moscow International with the Rotary Foundation. According to the regulatory framework for so-called "Matching Grant " projects, the project has the following partners:

A. International Partners

  • RK Moscow International is the "primary" international club
  • Other clubs from the multi-club workshop will be called International co-sponsors. This is where SIRC fit in.

B. Host Partners

  • RK Lubny is the primary host club
  • Other Rotary clubs in The Ukraine are so-called " Local co-sponsors

C. The Rotary Foundation (TRF)

Costs and funding

The cost of the project is estimated to be U.S. $ 24975. The sum is shared as follows:

— U.S. $ 14650 paid for by the International Partners. SIRC’s initial contribution in € 600.
— U.S. $   2000 paid for by the Host Partners
— U.S. $   8325 paid for by the Rotary Foundation

SIRC will be kept informed of the project is progressing and updates will be published to this webspace as they are received.