Cry For Help from Phyllis Wambui Memorial Children’s Home


During the weekend of 19th January, 2008 the club received an email containing a Cry For Help from the Phyllis Wambui Memorial Children’s Home that SIRC is supporting this Rotary Year. The website of the home gives an account of the problems facing them and the area in which it is located following the recent elections in Kenya. Please read for yourselves on the link below:-

Phyllis Wambui Memorial Children’s Home Website

The wording of the Email we received reads as follows:


"Dear Friends;
This what we are having at the moment with children whose homes have been burnt and their schools, so the children and their parents are refugees in their own country as you can see we Sabine and Jacinta we are trying the best we can to feed them and keep them in our school as much as possible but our pockets are running out at the same time we do not know for how long the country will be in this problems so please help us to feed them and clothe them plus medical care and all necessary accomodation.


With all our love Jacinta and the phyllies memorial children and staff"


The photos sent by the owner and founder of the home, Jacinta Njoroge-Lahti, can be found is the clubs photo album on this website. Please take a look as it helps give you a feeling for the situation being faced.

Although we are still waiting to get more details from Jacinta of the type and quantities of help that is needed we have managed to ascertain that in the area of the home over 6000 children have been displaced following disturbances. Schools and other buildings have been burnt down in several villages close to the home. There does not appear to be a problem in buying food and other daily supplies locally to feed and care for these children as long as the money is there. On top of this though there may well be a need for other items needed to house these children adequately that have to be found and transported in. It is not possible to say at this stage how long this situation might continue for so a possible challenge for all those parties involved in trying to help out will be to continue to find further funds to support the home following providing initial help.

Members of our club have already taken a number of early actions over the weekend that are expected to lead to some help being provided to the home this week. Other actions taken may lead to us being able to arrange for further assistance to the home further out as required.

If on basis of what you have read here you feel you already want to make a monetary contribution to the home then you will find details of how to pay into The Homes account on their website above. If you feel you would rather send a contribution via SIRC when the time comes then please send email to the address on this website giving us details of your pledge and/or interest in helping out. 


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