Previous Service Projects

Book Sale 2005

For the second consecutive year the club participated in the "World’s Longest Book Table" on Drottninggatan, 4 September 2005. These members and others contributed to the work and fun: Anders, Mats, Irena, Peter, Alex, Anne, Margaret, Anthony and Sylvia.

This year we raised SEK 4687.50 and, after paying the table rent, we retained SEK 3872.50 which will go toward providing teachers’ salaries in Liberia through the Liberia Dujar Association of Sweden. This amount will provide annual salaries for four teachers, and doubles our results from last year. Let’s hope that we can double it again next year!

Liberia Dujar Managing Director, Lois Boyenoh Hemgren, says that salaries ranging from US$10 – $25 per month are usually paid by the government but can be five to six months late.

So, until next year’s book sale, please keep storing those books you don’t want; we will welcome them when we start collecting for next year.

Outgoing president Peter Claes and president-elect Margaret Patane mug for the camera.

New club member Anders Kinding finds what he is looking for.

Alexandra Claes gets a hug from Margaret

Mats Hultberg surrounds Treasurer Anne O’Leary and Irina von Hertzen

Margaret presents Anthony Pearce as our new Vice President

The warmth of success and fellowship